Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New York!

 Our team recently got back from the Affiliate Summit East in New York! There is only one word to describe our trip...EPIC! We stayed in the heart of Times Square at The W.  Not only was the hotel beautiful, but our rooms had great views overlooking all of Times Square!!!

 [the view from our rooms!!!]
 We had little time to explore the city, but we all had an amazing time at the conference!  It was so much fun meeting new people, and meeting up with old friends.  The best part of the conference was all of the parties that we attended!  The nightlife in New York is so different from San Diego, so we all enjoyed this change of scenery. We went to a bunch of different parties, but the most memorable experience for Tyler was at the Affiliate Ball where he got to meet Grand Master Flex (he's an old school rapper...if you don't know who he is, check out his wikipedia page @ Some of the younger members of eFlow had to utilize this page to know what Tyler was talking about!)

Here's some more photos that we took to document our trip....
[What we walked by everyday on our way to the Conference]
 [The view from the Neon Party at The Dream Hotel]
 [aren't these cool lights? overlooking the check-in for the conference]

Overall, the trip was beyond AMAZING! We all can't wait to go back!!

If you met us in New York and would like to get some business going, contact us at !!!

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